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A brief History of the Alma Tavern

The Alma Tavern was built in 1864 and named after the Battle of Alma that took place on the 20th September 1854 on the River Alma in Crimea, now part of the Ukraine.
This was the first confrontation of the war between the armies of Britain, France, Turkey and Sardinia on one side and the Russian Imperial Army on the other.
The crossing was successful and paved the way for the allies to besiege Sevastopol and for the ensuring battles of Balaclava (involving the notorious Charge of the Light Brigade), Inkerman and the fall, the next year, of Sevastopol.

Broadside ballad entitled ‘The Battle of Alma’
You loyal Britons play draw near,
Unto the news I’ve brought you here,
With joy each British heart does cheer
For the victory gained at Alma.
It was an September, the 18th day,
In spite of the salt sea’s dashing spray,
We landed safe in the Crimes,
Upon our route for Alma.

More recently ‘The Alma Tavern’ played host to Worcester’s most famous son, Sir Edward Elgar, who enjoyed a drink at the bar whilst his mother worked behind it.


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